LPK SAHARA is a company engaged in sending trainees and students to Japan. As a newly established company in 2017, LPK SAHARA is a place for trainees who want to receive Japanese language training, character development, and introduction to Japanese culture. Our company provides the skills needed by trainees that are adjusted to the standards requested by the accepting companies in Japan.

In addition to providing standardized skills, our company also provides knowledge of Japanese work ethics which is known for its discipline and effectiveness. The introduction of culture that we do for students becomes a provision for participants to understand the characteristics and lifestyle in Japan. All this briefing was carried out to prepare apprentices who were able to absorb the skills, technology, and other insights they would get while working in Japan.

Although our company has never sent an internship directly, we have produced high-quality interns who have been recognized by other sending organization that have worked with us. The development of our company in the last 2 years has become a strong foundation for BINALATTAS (Indonesia’s institution of Productivity and Training Guidance development) to give their approval and permission for us to directly send trainees to Japan and other countries. Therefore, starting this year our company can directly dispatch students to Japan.



Company Names         : LPK SAHARA

Address                        : 35 Nyengseret street Bandung, West Java.

Phone                           : +62 813-2070-0185

Email                            : 

Established year            : 2017

Company Legality         : 2/380/HK.13/VII/2020

Tax number                   : 74.448.833.9-422.000

Foundation                    : Sahabat Anak dan Remaja Kreatif


Founder & CEO            : Pratamawati S.S, M.Pd

Japan PIC                      : Urahama Koutaro

Chief of Marketing         : Iman Abdul Hafidz

Treasurer                        : Nova Naulia Nur Aziza

Staff                                : Fadel Muhamad Rafi

                                         Febrina Asshobah Djamhur

Coordinator Instructur   : Nita Rustanti M. Pd

Instructor                       : Nadin Ghaisani S.S

                                         David Kleden

                                         Fauzan Muhamad Khalid

                                         Viona Valinda



Nomor Binalattas :
Nomor 2/380/HK.13/VII/2020

Nomor Disnaker :
NO.KEP : 563/3048/Disnaker/2018

LPK SAHARA ( 1904320401 )